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Types of Hull Coverage:

Agreed Value:  Agreed Value coverage will pay for your claim based off the declared or agreed value of the vessel without regard to depreciation. Meaning if you have your vessel insured for $40,000 then the policy pays $40,000 at the time of a total loss regardless of depreciation, even if your vessel is only worth $28,000, due to deprecation.

Replacement Cost:  Replacement Cost coverage will pay to replace your vessel with a like kind.

Actual Cash Value:  ACV coverage will pay for your claim on a depreciated basis. Meaning if you insure your vessel for $40,000, and you suffer a total loss and the vessel at the time of the loss is worth $30,000, then you will only receive $30,000.  You will only receive payment for the current value of the vessel at the time of the loss regardless of what you insured it for.  

Liability Coverage Options:

Protection & Indemnity:  P&I liability is coverage that will cover bodily injury or property damage to others. It also includes additional coverage for things such as an oil spill or wreck removal.  

Watercraft Liability:   Watercraft Liability only covers bodily injury and property damage to others, and offers no coverage to you, your family, or an operator of your vessel.

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Marine Insurance Experts

The Manning Insurance Agency is the premier coastal Marine Insurance Agency of South Carolina. We have a devoted team for our Marine Division that is separate from our other lines of business. Our Marine Division team members are well versed in the boating world due to their extensive history of working and growing up on the water. Our team’s expertise and knowledge not only come from being avid boaters themselves, but from life experiences such as working as Harbormasters, Crew members on large transiting passenger vessels, and crew members of racing yacht’s.  We insure all marine risks including but not limited to the following, yachts and mega-yachts, sport fishers, cruisers, bass boats, ski boats, jet skis, tour boats, charter vessels, commercial hulls, boat dealerships, and marinas.

Most Insurance Agencies focus on a variety of lines of insurance like home and auto; however, we have a designated and dedicated team at the Manning Insurance Agency that handles strictly Marine Insurance. Whether it’s a small boat you trailer on the weekend to your favorite fishing spot or your mega yacht you take to the Bahamas, we are here to insure and protect one of your most important assets.

We are not just insurance agents but rather boaters and mariners just like you. At the Manning Insurance Agency we don’t just look at you as another client but rather a family member and welcome you to the family with open arms.

We understand that each client has particular needs when it comes to insuring their prize possession, which is why we are appointed with multiple insurance companies. We do the shopping for you so you don’t have to. We are able to look for superior coverage with a competitive premium for you. We only do business with financially sound companies, and the insurance companies we represent in our Marine Division are AM Best Rated.  Please visit the Manning Insurance Agency with all your Marine Insurance needs, and allow our team of experts the opportunity to earn your business and help advise you on your Marine Insurance.  Below are available options for your hull and liability coverage.  These coverage options are available on most boat and yacht polices offered by the insurance companies we represent.  

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