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Who Needs Flood Insurance In South Carolina?

The threat is real and flood insurance should be a consideration for all homeowner’s located in South Carolina. Flood insurance is often required in areas designated as flood zones and if your home isn’t in one of these areas don’t think you aren’t at risk. Homes and property located in “low risk” areas account for almost 25 percent of all flood insurance claims. Give us a call or request info if you have further questions in SC.

Primary Flood Insurance Coverage:


Basic building coverage pays to repair or replace the insured building, its foundation, and most permanently installed items in your home.


Contents coverage is not automatically included in a flood policy. You need to add it, and in South Carolina we recommend that you do so. Contents coverage provides payment for the contents and personal belongings within your home. This includes things like clothing, furniture, electronic equipment, curtains, portable appliances and larger removable appliances such as washers and dryers. There are some exclusions, so discuss this coverage with your agent.

Are you prepared?

Living in a catastrophe prone state such as South Carolina being prepared is crucial. This includes having a flood policy in place to protect your home and contents. You don’t want to think it can happen to you, but, in the event of an emergency, you want an insurance company and Insurance Agency that knows precisely how to meet your needs. Flood losses are not covered on your homeowner’s policy.

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